Next Fit Quest Family Camp:

Yuba-Sutter: July 10-12, 2020

Sacramento-Placer: July 24-26, 2020

Addressing the change to online FQ visits so our lessons for healthy living can still reach 5 th and 6 th graders in our servicing areas even though they can’t be in the classroom physically:

“We at the Shady Creek Outdoor Education Foundation recognize that this is a difficult time for the students and families affected by this pandemic. Our FitQuest team has been working to shift our assemblies to an online format to ensure our tools for healthy living—mind and body—can still reach the lives of students and their families. With the guidance of our team’s mental health specialist, we have strengthened our Mental Wellness portion of FitQuest in order to provide students with healthy and positive tools for navigating the present and post effects of the pandemic. With an increased focus on normalization of mental health needs and concerns, more tools for managing stress, and prioritizing self-esteem boosters, we hope students can approach each day with an enriched understanding of how to achieve mental wellness.

What is Fit Quest All About?

Students in the Fit Quest program participate in grade-standard-based experiential learning opportunities that promote the importance of nutrition, mental wellness, and physical fitness. The program includes educational assemblies at the student’s schools and expanded curriculum during their week-long stay at Shady Creek.
The intent is to raise awareness and encourage program participants to:
  • Be mindful of food choices
  • Be responsible for what they can control
  • Choose to be physically active
  • Understand that their choices today affect their health tomorrow
  • Adopt healthy ways of dealing with stress
  • Nurture their mental health

The Family Camp program, sponsored by Sutter Health, is an action-packed family weekend.

The goal is to bring the family unit together and educate them on the benefits of:
  • Choosing healthy meals and snacks as a family
  • Prioritizing family fun and fitness (through physical activity)
  • Encouraging self-confidence and positive body image


Mental Health

Physical Activity

FitQuest Program Sponsors

How Is FitQuest Implemented?

Phase 1: Classroom Visits

  • Prior to attending Shady Creek, students will have two visits lead by Shady Creek staff in which they cover our pre-visit concepts. After their week at Outdoor School, the staff returns to their school to review and cover the final segment of the Fit Quest program.
  • Concepts include: My Plate, Rethink Your Drink, Fun Physical Activities, Self Esteem Boosters, and Stress Relievers.

Phase 2: Shady Creek Outdoor School Participation

  • Students practice eating in line with My Plate recommendations
  • Communities class – Setting goals and encouraging one another in a team-building environment
  • Garden and nutrition classes – Making physical activity fun!
  • Recognizing and engaging in healthy choices
  • Becoming more independent

Phase 3: Back in the Classroom

  • Students review concepts from first two visits
  • Discuss the connection between Shady Creek and Fit Quest lessons
  • A final focus on independence and encouragement of a healthy lifestyle is delivered through physical activity and games that encourage both independence and team building as a way of nurturing their community and relationships (this can be related to the nearly isolating effects of the pandemic and how being active with yourself and your community can contribute to a healthy lifestyle that provides tools for managing this grand change)

Phase 4: Family Camp!

  • A fun-filled weekend for the whole family
  • Cooking classes
  • Garden class
  • Engaging in the Low Ropes Course Challenge
  • Attending specialist lead workshops on Nutrition, Mental Wellness, and Physical Activity
  • Naturalist lead hikes and games
  • Pool
  • Evening Programs and Family Movie Night
  • Take home materials that allow families to integrate the lessons they learned through FitQuest into their home lives


What is Included?

  • Transportation can be provided from Yuba City, Marysville and Lincoln
  • Six meals
  • Sleeping Accommodations
  • Workshops
  • Naturalist Lead Activities
  • A weekend of fun for the entire family!
  • Day Care is provided for infants and toddlers

What do families provide?

  • Sleeping Bags or Blankets, Pillows
  • Comfortable clothes appropriate for physical activity
  • Shoes appropriate for walking on trails
  • Willingness to Participate
  • An open mind

Who can apply for Family Camp?

Any family of a child that attends a school in Yuba or Sutter County that participated in the FitQuest program during the 2019/2020 school year.