The 2018 winners were:

1st- Debbie Knight, purchased from a student at Twin Rivers Charter School.

2nd- Roxette Hubbard, purchased from a student at Lincrest Elementary.

3rd- Jessica Allard, purchased from a student at Franklin Elementary.

Terri Buena is our top selling school – based on a calculation that accounts for school size and sales per student.

Each winner gets $500 cash

Raffle Program Sponsors

The Shady Creek Outdoor Education Foundation is thrilled to be able to provide a unique and easy fundraising solution to our schools via the raffle ticket fundraising program, sponsored by Dow Lewis Motors, Inc. & Round Table Pizza.

Each school year participants of the fundraising program raise over $60,000 collectively through raffle ticket sales, providing significant assistance in defraying program costs for students and schools alike.

Who Qualifies?

The program is available to any school, public or private, participating in the Shady Creek Outdoor School program.

How Do I Get Started? It’s EASY!

1. Sign-up:

Simply fill out and return the raffle ticket sign-up form and return via fax, email or mail.

Fax: 530-674-8369
mail to: Attention: Daria Ali, Shady Creek OEF, 970 Klamath Lane, Yuba City, CA 95993

Once the form is received we will arrange to deliver tickets to you.

Sign-up Form

2. Sale Forms:

Our sale packet includes; Program and Incentive Flyer to send home, Parent Permission Form, and School and Classroom Tally Sheets to track and manage your sale.

Formula’s are pre-built into forms.

Information and Incentive FlyerIncentive Program Tally SheetsPermission Slip (English)Hoja de Permiso de Los Padres (Spanish)

Raffle tickets are sold for $5.00 each. At the end of the your sale $1.00 for every ticket sold is returned to SCOEF. The remainder, $4.00 stays with the school. There are three cash prizes and three lucky winners.

Cash prizes are provided by SCOEF and our program sponsor, Dow Lewis Motors, Inc.

Three Grand prizes – $500 Cash

3. Summary Form:

Finishing up is a snap! Complete the raffle ticket summary form and return to SCOEF with your unsold tickets, ticket stubs, and a check for 1.00 per sold ticket(All tickets must be returned, sold or unsold.) All ticket stubs will be entered into the drawing to be held June 1, 2018. Winners will be notified by phone and posted on website by June 2, 2018.

Raffle Ticket Summary Form

Any Questions?

We are happy to help. Contact us at: 530-933-0907 and we will walk you through it. Don’t wait…get started earning money for your school today!

*For ticket sellers: if a customer is going to pay with a check have them make the check payable to your school.