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Birding to Awaken Wonder was a fundraiser for bird education put on by the Woodleaf Legacy Birding Team for Shady Creek Outdoor School, in partnership with Shady Creek Outdoor Education Foundation. The goal of our team was to see 2015 bird species around the world in 2015.

Our birding team was made up of former Woodleaf Outdoor School and Shady Creek Outdoor School naturalists who have a passion for birding and want to contribute to bird education in California. The Woodleaf Legacy Birding Team looked for different birds throughout the Americas, Asia, Australia, and Africa in hopes of reaching or surpassing our goal of 2015 species of birds.

Thousands of Central Valley students participate in Shady Creek’s bird education program each year. While at outdoor school, these students see our raptors up close, they develop their own questions about birds in our bird classroom, and they experience the excitement and wonderment in birding.

We have been able  to update  some of our educational resources so we can continue to provide a top-notch experience for the students who visit. We are in the process of acquiring more binoculars at this time.

Supporters of Birding to Awaken Wonder would contribute a certain amount of money for every new bird species that was seen by the team. For example, if a person donated $ .01 per bird, and we met our goal of 2015 species, that person would have donated $20.15 to the program. Donations are tax deductible.

You can still donate to this worthy focus to awaken students to the wonder of birding, simply access the donate button on our home page and donate specifying a birding donation. Or send us an email with any questions at the Contact Us page.

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